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Notes and Rhythms

School of Fine Arts


This page is dedicated to those people who have offered monetary gifts in support of Notes and Rhythms, beginning with those who donated through our Indiegogo Campaign in 2014.

Bronze: $5-$49

Brian Lieber

Deborah Shaw

Scott Peterson

Jean Bryant

Melissa Fayad

David Shaw

Colleen Shaw

Wilbert Ele

Cristin Watkins

Bernard Quince

Teresa McKee

Cissy Jo Stiles

Denise Dietsch

Kerry Holub

Cindy Coffman

Silver: $50-$99

Eugene Hyun

Gold: $100-$149

Trey Sibley

Christopher Snyder

Pearl: $150-$249

Sapphire: $250-$499

Emerald: $500-$999

Ruby: $1,000-$4,999

Diamond: $5,000+

If you would like to join these Contributors, you may click the Donate button below and enter your desired amount. Thank you in advance for your generous donation and supporting the arts!